Monday, January 03, 2005


Since the economic bubble burst in 2000, many businesses have disappeared through merger or collapse. PR practitioners went with them. Sometimes they saw it coming and sometimes they were surprised, as nearly everyone was with the failure of Arthur Andersen, the former accounting firm, for example.

In my time in PR, I have seen a number of companies come and go. Some hit a wall at 100 miles an hour and never saw it there. Others lingered then failed. A few transformed themselves and went on to new growth.

The question PR practitioners should ask if they see that a business is dying is what to do about it. This article is a partial answer to that. It discusses broad areas of concern and the importance of communications in turning around a dying business.

Even though the economy is recovering, more businesses will die, and more practitioners will be shunted out of work. That is guaranteed because capitalism shows no favorites.

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