Friday, January 21, 2005

Not Last Night 

Here in the Tristate area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, many of us who work in PR don't drive. We take a train from the suburbs. This is a problem when staying out late with clients, as it was last night. In fact, I am writing this with three hours of sleep.

It has been a practice when working late to take a car service home because train schedules are poor after rush hour. There is one an hour. Miss it and you sit in the terminal for the next one. A car service can help cut the wait time and gain the sleep one needs for the next day. Last night, it was approaching 10:30 when I bid the clients good-bye and left them in the capable hands of two colleagues (who live in Manhattan). I called the car service from the restaurant, expecting at most a 20-minute wait. The woman on the other end of the phone bawled in her best Brooklynese, "An hour ana half." It didn't take much mental calculation to show that it would be midnight even before I could get picked up. Even sleeping in a car wasn't going to help. So, it was back to the train. I rushed to the station and sure enough, I had missed it. I got to my town at 12:25 am.

There ought to be a better way, but in the many years that I have worked in this area, I've never found it. For some activities in PR, it's just better to live close to work.


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