Monday, July 18, 2005


Just a couple of posts after praising someone for approaching a blogger correctly, there's this piece of tripe that hit my e-mail box today. I'm masking the name of the company because I won't help it with the publicity it seeks.

Big fan of your blog and as a PR pro myself wanted to share with you this amazing new service that's going to make all of our jobs as publicists a zillion times easier and less labor intensive. We all dream of getting TV coverage for our clients but sometimes it's a hassle to deal with getting our clients the info they want. I'm talking about eliminating having to screen every electronic hit we get for clients, figure out the metrics such as placement and value and whether a story is positive or negative and the hellish process of creating intricate presentations for clients, boards of directors etc. XXXX just came out with YYY that lets us for the first time do all this online instantly - check it out for yourself on _________! I think if you mention you're a PR blogger, you'll get a free trial.

If this person actually read my blog, he or she would know that I dislike breathy publicity and exclamation points. The person would also know that using adjectives like "amazing" and "zillion" turns me off. If this is the way this person approaches the media, I suspect he or she has trouble gaining the attention of sophisticated journalists as well.

Spare me. Tell me about the product or service and cut the hype, puh-leeze.

I don't suppose this individual will contact me again because the e-mail looked like a mass mailing sent to dozens of PR bloggers. But, if the individual wants to try again, that's OK with me. I might even review the product with a decent approach.


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