Friday, April 14, 2006

PR-Blog Rule #1? 

A client sent me this post from Jason Calcanis, the CEO of Weblogs Inc., in which Calcanis berated a PR person for asking for a link. He prints the e-mail message from the person, as well as the person's name and company, Redboots Consulting.

The problem is that I'm not sure that Calcanis is right about this. The PR person wasn't being offensive about the request to view a new video. She disclosed her role to prevent confusion. She wasn't pushy.

Yet, Calcanis was unhappy. I've been upset myself over poorly done pitches, but this one wasn't badly done.

It seems to me Mr. Calcanis was being touchy, but then, so are many reporters who dislike PR people. They use any excuse to yell. Bloggers yell in print for all to read, whereas reporters slam the phone in your ear or ignore your e-mail. It's one more stress to adjust to in the PR business.


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