Monday, October 30, 2006

What People Talk About 

It is too easy for PR practitioners to forget what others talk about. We're media junkies -- or at least, we should be. We consume far more than the average daily news viewer or reader. Thus, what seems important to us may have no significance to others. That's why this story is interesting and also, why I keep tabs on this site. It's as if I am watching the news interests of an alien population. Often, I haven't even seen stories people are clipping and sending to one another. I have to ask where I've been in my travels through news sites.

It's surprising how much silly material gets passed around. These are usually the Associated Press or Reuters brighteners or odd news that reveal little of significance other than how wacky things can be. It is possible that these stories are not truly what people are concerned about but what they think others will respond to with a groan or guffaw.

Still, it is good to maintain a watch because it tells one what the viral interests of others are. It also shows how difficult it is to develop viral stories to spread through the internet.


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