Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Junk Surveys And PR 

PR practitioners are guilty of performing thousands of junk surveys in efforts to get publicity. Their surveys are garbage because the data that went into them was bad from the beginning. This essay discusses why surveying is harder than ever to do and why for most communications programs, it is a bad idea. As we know from political polling, it is difficult to get a random sample of a targeted population. People have been over-surveyed, and they resent being asked questions.

It is past time to give surveying a rest as a technique, or if one feels the need to do one, spend the time and money to survey correctly. Surveying is an area in which experts earn their pay. Dropping a few questions on a web site in an automated form is not a statistically accurate representation of anything. Practitioners should know that, but alas, they continue to do it anyway.

This essay is the 84th posted to online-pr.com.


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