Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Nearly Impossible 

This has been a topic in this blog before but the latest numbers on airline losses raise the question again. How do you do PR for an industry that is so sick? Especially when key players are mistreating their passengers even more by squeezing extra seats into small spaces. The public face of the airline industry today is not much better than a Third World bus line -- pack 'em in and get 'em there more or less on time. About the only thing missing are pigs and chickens. Pilots, stewards and stewardesses, gate personnel, ground crews are constantly worried about their jobs, which doesn't help their attitude toward passengers. Crowded conditions make for ruder passengers and wearying flights. One asks how long this can go on, but it does year after year without a glimmer of an end. The only promise airlines can make to the public anymore is transportation without amenities. That is minimum PR at best.


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