Friday, May 31, 2013

Big Brother PR 

When is it good public relations to be Big Brother and spy on employees?  When public safety is of concern.  The most common source of infection in hospitals is when people neglect to wash their hands, so one hospital has done something about it.  It has installed video cameras in its washrooms to track doctors and nurses and make sure that they have cleaned their hands during every visit.  If you were a doctor or nurse involved, you might be offended, but on the other hand, you couldn't deny the science.  There are antibiotic-resistant "Superbugs" scattered throughout hospitals today.  In fact, hospitals are dangerous places for the weak and ill.  Stopping transmission of microbes is imperative.  Employees might resent Big Brother checking on them, but if they could be trusted to wash their hands each and every time, Big Brother could go away.  That is not likely to happen because there are always some who resist or forget.  There are times when Big Brother is a benefit.


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