Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Mea Culpa A Little Late 

Apologies for mistakes are good but sometimes they can be too late to be of much benefit to one who is sorry.  That might be the case facing Microsoft with its admission that Windows 8 needs work.  Users have been complaining about the operating system for months, ever since it appeared.  Microsoft took the role of a demanding mother -- "Eat your peas."   That didn't work.  Users either didn't upgrade to the new system or when forced into it through purchasing a new PC, groaned loudly.  The internet was filled with pleas to bring back the start button and desktop.  Microsoft resisted until it looked at sales of the system, which were not robust.  Now, the company is saying it has listened and will make changes.  It forgot that in the networked era, users have choices.  Microsoft no longer has a monopoly on operating systems for small computers, and it can't force people to do its will.  One would hope that this experience has been a salutary lesson and the public won't have to bash the company again.   One would hope...


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