Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Poking The Bear 

The quickest way to lose the support of the media is to investigate them to find their sources.  The Justice Department has poked the bear with its seizure of phone records of Associated Press journalists.  To call the move dumb would be to dignify it.  The media have treated the Obama administration well to this point.  There is a good chance that they won't from now on.  This revelation comes just a couple of days after the IRS admitted it investigated conservative organizations to see if they should maintain their not-for-profit status and during the Benghazi free-for-all that Republicans are trumping up in Congress.  The President should ask himself how many investigations of his administration he wants to have running at the same time.  From a PR perspective, the Obama administration is squandering the good will it gained from winning the election last November.  It is about as bad as the previous President who thought he had political capital to spend after his second election only to blow it away in a year. 


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