Thursday, May 16, 2013

When Disappearance Is Best 

The former Catholic Cardinal of Scotland is leaving the country to perform penance and reflect on his past behavior.  He stepped down after it was revealed he had made inappropriate advances to fellow priests.  A PR counselor would tell him to remain out of the country.  There is little he can do to restore his reputation.  His power is gone and unlikely to return.  He is an embarrassment to the Church in Scotland by his presence.  Roman Catholics believe in forgiveness but that doesn't mean one should get his old job back or remain on the scene.  Scripture relates that Jesus forgave Peter's denials of Jesus and handed him the keys to the Church.  The modern day is not so tolerant, particularly when a religious figure embodies criticism for how society behaves.  Critics are only too ready to charge hypocrisy if an errant priest remains in power.  The former cardinal can perform good works and demonstrate repentance in the time he has left on this earth.  And, he might return to grace by doing so, but not as a cardinal and not in Scotland.


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