Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Crisis That Determines A Country's Course 

The Philippines crisis is of a magnitude that it could determine the course of the country, certainly of the political administration.  Its citizenry has been so devastated by 190+-mph winds and tidal surge that there is nothing left for hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of them.  Because the center of the typhoon was on an island and air and road systems have been affected, there is no easy way to reach victims.  The Philippine government, the US, other countries and worldwide charities have mobilized to bring in help, but once it gets to the affected locales, there is no good way to distribute aid.  This leads quickly to a turning point event in relations to publics.  Philippines legislators have long been known for corruption and ineffectuality, but this is a time when there is a critical demand for efficiency and recovery operations.  Each day that passes without food, water, shelter, medicine and clothes reaching victims is a black mark on authorities.  One hopes the president of the country realizes that and gets personally involved in relief efforts.


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