Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yesterday's News 

Old media continue to shrink and publicity opportunities with them.  Note here and here.  This has changed the work of PR practitioners as much as anything, but it is for the better.  Disappearance of traditional media has forced PR to use new media more quickly than it might have otherwise.  PR was caught in its technique of placement and clip counting.  One talked to practitioners in vain about the internet and new media not all that long ago.  The field lagged in taking on social media and content generation and allowed a cluster of new types of agencies to establish themselves.  In fairness to PR, the same happened with advertising.  Now that there are fewer traditional outlets, young and old practitioners alike think creatively about the use of new media and look at the field more holistically than in the past.  One could argue that it should have happened sooner but it has been soon enough.


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