Monday, November 06, 2017

Company Town 

When a business is the largest in a city and employs a significant number of its citizens, it becomes a company town.  Anaheim, CA is one such instance with the presence in its borders of Disneyland.  Anaheim has extended tax breaks for Disneyland in the millions and built a vast parking garage for visitors.  Now, after 50+ years, The city is starting to take a harder look at its relationship with The Walt Disney Cos. There is a growing sentiment that it ought to be paying more into city coffers, especially since the Anaheim has some significant budget shortfalls.  Disney has responded that it has done a lot for the community and will continue its open-handed ways.  There is a beginning of a stand-off.  From a PR perspective, Disney ought to be paying more, especially for the parking garage.  The company can't move its operation easily to any other place.  It needs continuing good relations with the town. At some point, Anaheim will ask too much from the company, and then, Disney will have to consider a battle with the community.  The situation doesn't appear to be at that point yet, but as long as the company can ward off a fight, the better for it and Anaheim.


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