Thursday, November 30, 2017

Handling A Crisis 

This is a good case study for handling a crisis.  When brush fires bore down on the households of Keysight Technologies' employees, the company sprang into action.  It's first job was the safety and care of employees, many of whom were burned out of their homes.  The company set up care centers and systems to reach affected workers and ensure their safety.  This was in the face of incinerated land lines and cell service.  The second action was customers who were concerned they could not get technologies they had on order with the company.  Senior executives visited their offices and assured them they would get delivery on time and in full.  The third action was to forestall competitors who were swift to take advantage of the company's misery.  Keysight had to knock down rumors and outright falsehoods about its ability to service customers.  Communications was at the heart of much of what the company did.  It went all out to reach those affected and to learn what their challenges were.  Although no companies could be prepared for the scale of the disaster that Keysight encountered, they could take a lesson from how Keysight prioritized its response and moved forward.  


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