Friday, August 14, 2020

Serial Lies 

Some people are pathological liars.  They cannot recognize facts nor want to, and they make up stories as they go along.  Sometimes they keep them straight, sometimes not.  This fellow is a pathological liar.  He has spent years in office lying whenever it suits him.  Strangely, there is a minority of the American public who believe him and condemn attacks on his lack of truthfulness.  It is a curious position to be in.  The majority of citizens have caught on to his prevarications and are infuriated.  Those who continue to support him are equally stalwart.  From a PR perspective, Trump is toast and should go down to defeat come November, but it is too early to make a projection.  He might lie his way out of harm once again.  Historians 20 years from now will have their hands full sorting truth from fiction.  The biggest question of all for them will be how a pathological liar became President.


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