Friday, December 25, 2020

Doesn't Get It 

There are times when a leader needs to show presence and concern for a project or policy in order for followers to remain calm and accepting.  This isn't it.   Golfing when COVID legislation is hanging in the balance and after Trump himself criticized the $600 relief check per person is dereliction of duty.  Trump at least should have been at the White House and at most, conferencing with Republicans and Democrats to gain his want -- $2000 per person.  It is clear that Trump never has and still doesn't get the role of a leader in a political environment.  It is unclear whether he was the same when he was in private business, but it is likely.  Trump's pique has left millions of Americans facing failure to pay rent, hunger and desolation at a time of year when the county gathers for holidays.  It is a mystery that he maintains millions of supporters who readily fund his wishes.  He has an unexplainable mystique, which will keep historians perplexed for decades to come.  One can only hope we never get another President like him.  


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