Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Mean Spirited 

Former Trump officials are trying to rally Republican voters against Afghanistan refugees settling in the US.  They are using code words against immigration and asking how many of the new arrivals are terrorists.  It is a mean-spirited marketing campaign that has both Republicans and Democrats upset.  The former aides to Trump are deliberately overlooking the fact that these people worked for the US government and have lost their country.  They are cultivating xenophobia that ignores the tradition and practice of the US to welcome peoples from all nations into a melting pot of cultures, tongues and practices.  The former Trump officials themselves can look at their own lineages and trace back to when their forebears landed on American shores.  That they don't do it highlights the petty minds they have.  Their campaign will work for hard core right wing radicals but the majority of the US population will deplore or ignore it.  


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