Monday, February 23, 2004

Luddites and Liberals 

Marketing Wonk, an interesting site that covers advertising, PR and marketing has an interesting, although inaccurate story that is worth reading. It is about the split among liberals over the value of technology. Some think technology -- the Internet -- is the new way to organize politically. Others think the Internet is the vanguard of Big Brother and evil globalization. Both groups coexist in the Democratic party with each having plenty to show to prove a point.

And, both use the Internet to make their points about technology -- ironical as that is.

Where I think Marketing Wonk has erred is describing this as a liberal standoff. It is no different in many walks of life where there are mixed feelings about what New Media have brought.

Regrettably, many PR people suffer from the dichotomy. They use the Internet because they have to, but they really don't like it. It's not a favorite tool or one to learn all that well. It's just there like gas that heats the house and electricity that turns lights on. They don't want to become a plumber or electrician. So, they are always in a fix when it comes time to change something in New Media. They have to find a Web plumber or electrician to tell them what to do, and they are hamstrung because they don't know the questions to ask. Hence, they never learn the medium. They follow and do what they are told.

Regardless of how you feel about technology. If you use it, learn enough about it to adapt it to client needs. That sounds simple enough, doesn't it?

How come so few do it?


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