Monday, February 16, 2004

Something About Me 

An Australian publicist by the name of Greg Tingle contacted me the other day and asked to interview me online. Tingle runs a firm called Media Man Australia. I said yes, but I'm not much in favor of talking about my career. Anyway, Tingle has published my comments on his Web site and they are here if you have interest in reading them.

I'm of the belief that PR people are more like Polonius than the Danish king. They promote others but not themselves. However, I'm wrong. Successful publicists understand that name awareness is essential to getting business, and they work hard, as Mr. Tingle is doing, to stand out from the crowd.

If I seemed flip in answering his questions, I apologize. I believe the answers are accurate and several are preceded by "I don't know." The stories are true, especially the one about how I got started in the business. It was easier to get into PR in the 1970s than it is now. And yes, I was that dumb about business then.


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