Sunday, February 01, 2004

Still Getting Used To This.  

I'm at an age when trying something new electronically causes jitters. Years ago with the first PCs and networking, I worked through technical difficulties by the hour. Since Bill Gates changed Windows into a registry in the 90s, I have been cautious with operating systems. With the Internet, I have not taken time to learn Java or Perl or even HTML well. I just want to use it.

Conversion to Blogger was not difficult. I twiddled until I figured out what to do. The hard part was learning I could not ftp to my Web site. The boring part was tailoring changes to pointers. Still, it took about three hours to get it all done -- most of which was missteps.

The next part will be working the new system into daily ritual. I do not only write this blog. I care for the main website -- online-pr.com. This means adding and deleting links, writing and adding papers, etc. The blog started as an addition to online-pr.com three years ago when I worried that no one realized I update online-pr.com daily. My thinking was that I would add a thought each day to show I keep the site fresh. The thought turned into a journal and then, this blog. I did not know the word "blog" when I began. It was after weeks of writing and then, researching blogs that I realized what I was doing had been done since the mid-90s.

However, blogs have evolved. They started as quick diary entries with pointers as many blogs still remain. They have evolved into essays and commentary. I began with pointers and moved to commentary. Commentary helps me rethink issues and rethinking leads to essays that I post on online-pr.com. The commentary and essays educate me on communications issues and keep me up to date.


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