Monday, March 01, 2004

Common Sense 

A colleague sent me an article from Ragan Communications' PR Reporter that advises organizations to make the "About Us" section of a Web page worth reading. The article notes that few organizations seem to handle that section well, and it cited a usability study from Nielsen Norman Group to prove its point.

It's common sense to tell people who you are, but unfortunately, many Web masters and organizations seem to lack it. I have a policy on online-pr.com of not listing any site that does not have an "About Us" section that I can check for accuracy. I turned down a site last week because of that. The site's information looked useful, but I don't know who put it up and what the individual intends.

Online-pr.com also states its purpose on the home page under the page title so no one can mistake what the site is for. It has done this since the beginning. Again, it is common sense. Why force someone to look around your site? If it is not what they need, let them go quickly to the right destination. It is polite to do that, and it builds credibility with your visitor.

These things are common courtesy as much as common sense.


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