Sunday, March 28, 2004

Interactive Quiz 

The BBC is trying something that, if it works, can change the way TV operates -- from a mass medium to an interactive one. It is a creative idea PR practitioners should watch to see if there are applications. Here is how the news story describes it:

An interactive quiz that allows viewers to take on studio contestants from their homes is to be staged on BBC One (and)... will begin on the evening of Saturday 3 April.

Viewers will be able challenge for a prize of £30,000 or more via interactive TV, the internet or a Java enabled mobile phone.

The programme will be split into two parts - with the first 50 minutes dedicated to whittling down studio teams from four to one and finding a winning team from among the interactive contestants.

The BBC will then whisk a satellite camera to their location, enabling a live head-to-head battle to take part in the second show.

Whoever has the highest score from 20 questions will win the cash prize and be invited to the studio the following week to see if they can continue their winning streak.

If this comes off, it could change TV in wonderful ways. I wish I were living in the UK right about now to see how this experiment unfolds.


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