Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Interesting Proposition 

Sometimes one has to wonder if a person is serious. This story has my head spinning. I wonder if the writer has his tongue in cheek.

The writer advocates legalization of all steroids and performance-enhancing drugs. I wouldn't normally write about an issue like this in a PR blog, but I have been working on communicating the steroid issue for a client. I cannot see how even regulated steroids will do anything but harm individuals who take them. Our firm has developed public relations tactics on the issue, but the medical aspects are the most persuasive. One risks serious damage by taking them, as well as subverting the integrity of any game the individual plays.

The writer contends that almost everything else has improved in sports from shoes to uniforms to protection gear. Why not the human body? I almost bought that argument. Perhaps I could still, if there were a magical drug that did no harm to the body except amplify strength and quickness. No such drug exists.

While I respect the writer's right to an opinion, he has made the PR campaign more difficult. I wish he had kept silent. Some will believe his cant, and those are the ones who will harm themselves. Worse, they will be young and jeopardize their lifespans.


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