Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Off For a Couple of Days 

I'm on the road for two days starting today, and I won't be able to blog. I'm going to a conference where distinguished speakers will discuss globalization of business and matters such as outsourcing and offshoring. It should be interesting, and I'll bet that they say, "Globalization is here. Get used to it."

Meanwhile here is a conundrum for the public relations specialist. It is a story about high-tech wine making. Wine has traditionally been positioned as a handcrafted specialty of winemakers who follow guidelines that are thousands of years old. Now we have GPS-linked tractors and wireless transmission of humidity, moisture and temperature from the vineyard. What's the world coming to?

I couldn't help but think of how the publicist might spin this. The wine your favorite robot drinks? Digital wine? Wine with a byte? It seems to me that it is a public relations challenge to keep romance in winemaking when it is more and more like a chemist's concoction. Still, it tastes good and that's all that counts.


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