Wednesday, May 12, 2004


I got the newspapers this morning and vowed to read about anything other than the crisis I am working on. Anything. The crisis is so consuming it is all I think about. That's a lousy way to keep perspective on a world, which is moving forward despite my concerns. It feels strange, however, reading about things that have the significance of feathers on the breeze.

I am tempted to say, "Don't these people have better things to do?" On the other hand, what they are doing is better than what I am doing -- using public relations to help protect a client under assault. Times like this remind one that frivolous things have a serious purpose. They help us forget worries and to speculate on the merits of the newest wines or funkiness of designer furniture.

One can go too far into crisis or into any job, for that matter. I think of the publicity types who are consumed with the presidential campaigns now. They are past exhaustion and pushing hard. They will push hard for months more then one individual will go to the White House and the other will go home. All those who worked for both candidates will learn how to live again. They might be surprised to find the world didn't care that much for their work. What was monumental to the publicists was incidental and hardly thought about by most.

We can never forget that.


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