Monday, June 14, 2004


Last week I mentioned a wonderful set of blogs from a dairy, but in the process, I erred. Let's let the Chief Blogger say what I did wrong, since he was kind enough to write and point out my goofs.

Thanks for mentioning Stonyfield Farm’s five blogs on your own blog. It was fun to see. I just wanted to point out that your link to our pages is not working, for some reason. And, just a point of clarification: we are NOT located in Vermont. Many of the farms that supply us with milk are in Vermont, but the Stonyfield Farm company (the largest organic yogurt company in the country) is located in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

I am the blog administrator for the five blogs--actually you’ll see my title: Chief Blogger—and I’m having good great fun doing the blogs as part of our company’s public relations team. The blogs have been up and running since April, but we still consider ourselves in the learning phase.

Again, thanks for taking note of this unique adventure of ours.

Chris Halvorson
Chief Blogger and Web Editor/Writer
Stonyfield Farms

I just went back to check the link and found that it is working on my computer, but here it is again, if it wasn't working on yours -- http://www.stonyfield.com/weblog/. As Chris develops the blogs, it will be interesting to hear about the lessons learned of what to do and not do in corporate blogging.

Thanks, Chris.


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