Sunday, July 18, 2004

A Couple of Things 

I've just posted a new paper for your consideration in the white papers section of online-pr.com.  It is here.   The topic is uncontrollable crisis.  There are crises that one has everyday, and then, there are crises that are so sudden and severe a CEO has to worry about the future of the company.  In uncontrollable crisis, there is little or nothing one can do in communications.  It is a case of hanging on, doing the best one can and repairing damage when it is over -- if the organization survives. 
I got to thinking about this topic because a client recently suffered through such a disaster.  The client has come out OK, but no one would want to go through the experience again.   Take a look at the paper: Let me know what you think.
Along this line, I have been thinking about cynicism.  We are in a period culturally when altruism is held in suspicion, especially in the political world.  I am working on a paper focusing on sour attitude and what PR practitioners can do about it, if anything.  It may be that cynicism is healthy.  That is an open question.  I'll publish that paper soon, and you can have a crack at it too. 
I don't expect everyone, or even anyone, to agree with articles in the "white papers" section of online-pr.com.  It would be nice if the papers could spark arguments.  Along that line, Global PR Blog Week 1.0 was tremendously successful.   A hearty thank you to all who put it together.  It would be nice to have more get-togethers like it.  


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