Friday, July 30, 2004

Sorry About That 

It has been a day and a half of glitches with the web page (online-pr.com) and the blog.  For some reason, beginning yesterday morning, I couldn't update the Web page.  The message was "server error."  So, I call Verio, the ISP that has been handling online-pr.com since the beginning in 1997 and got the usual "voice mail hell."  The technician was nice enough, but then he put me on hold for 10 minutes, leading me to believe I was shunted.  But no, he returned and said the extensions to the Web site had been corrupted.  He didn't why or how but he had fixed them, and we were live again.

Last night, I went to make an entry into this blog and couldn't reach it.  I got a "page unavailable" notice that continued through the evening into early this morning when it finally popped through about five minutes ago.

The dirty secret of the technological age is that Internet media are great, except when they don't work.  Reliability is an issue, and dependence on others for keeping a system up will always be a concern.  Yet, the networks are too complex for PR practitioners, including myself, to be our own Internet Service Providers, Webmasters, etc. 

That has always been the case.  We have relied on designers, printers and mailers in PR since the beginning and the frustrations they create.  Even when we had these services in-house, they were frustrating.  In fact, they were more so in-house because service was indifferent. 

PR is a team effort and always will be.  (Now I hope I can get this posted.)


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