Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Thinking It Through 

We've been handed two challenges that we have never done before.  These are fun problems because one has to learn a new field. 

The first challenge is with a specialized kind of services firm and the second has to do with a major problem on the Internet.  The question that both prospects asked is whether anything could be done.  The answer, of course, was yes -- yes, but.  We will have to dive deeply into the topics and work our way out to find keys for approaching them.  By diving deeply, I mean we will do as much secondary research as we can and then, interview clients at length and in detail to see if we can find common threads to merchandise to the media.  Sometimes themes stand out:  Sometimes they are buried deeply and are so uninteresting one has to invent another way to tackle the topic. 

In spite of what teachers may have told you, there are boring issues that few if any media cover.  Surprisingly, one that major business media avoid is accounting.  There are few good business journalists who understand and take pleasure in reporting accounting issues.  O, they like scandal, but they don't like the technical considerations that the Financial Accounting Standards Board tackles and that decide earnings of thousands of public companies.  This is why when I represented accounting firms (twice), I found difficult to get anyone to pay attention.

I hope neither of these two prospects prove to be deadly.  We'll see. 


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