Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Old Story 

Sometimes the media are slow in picking up on things. This is the case with the following story on blog monitoring. The Guardian has discovered the obvious, I'm afraid.

Our agency has been monitoring Web sites and bulletin boards for more than four years now and we certainly weren't the first to be doing it. Blogs are simply an extension of monitoring that PR departments should have been doing since the Internet took off in 1990s. It was a scandal that PR got started so late, but it is odd that a major newspaper is only tipping to the fact at this late date.

If by any chance, your organization is not monitoring the Web, bulletin boards and blogs, shame on you. It is no longer an option, except for the smallest or most specialized of businesses or organizations. Monitoring is so easy to do that one cannot blame the technology for failing to get the job done. There are many sites that monitor blogs, for example, and you can find some of them right here.

You know this, but I am writing it again anyway. Many trends, ideas and insights show in blogs and bulletin boards first, then make their way to mainstream media. This has been true for years. To stay ahead of mainstream media, you have to read what the mainstream media read and they are scanning bulletin boards and blogs.


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