Sunday, August 15, 2004

PR's Role 

PR's role in unseating New Jersey Governor James E. McGreevey became clear yesterday. The individual with whom McGreevey was having (or trying to have) an affair was an Israeli PR person, Golan Cipel. Secondly, when it became evident that Cipel was an embarrassment for the McGreevey administration, PR man Howard Rubenstein, told McGreevey that Cipel would have to go. McGreevey followed Rubenstein's advice, and Cipel left to work at the largest PR agency in New Jersey, MWW Group, where he lasted but a month. He then moved to a Trenton lobbying firm, State Street Partners, where he didn't last long either. According to evidence the Newark Star-Ledger revealed on Sunday, Cipel was not showing up for work, nor was he doing much work when he did show up.

After leaving the lobbying firm, he went to an import-expert company, also connected to Governor McGreevey, and he didn't last there either. He then disappeared until his attorney called the governor's office and notified the governor that Cipel was intending to file a sexual harassment suit.

You can evaluate this information as you will, but it is fair to say that political ties are important to New Jersey PR. It seems the PR agencies involved acquitted themselves. Rubenstein told Cipel to get out of New Jersey government. MWW let him go when he apparently was not producing.

It could have been worse.


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