Monday, August 02, 2004

Say It Ain't So 

I missed this story last week, but if it is even remotely as the writer relates it, PR practitioners ought to be ashamed for the business. Techdirt is an insider's blog for high-tech. The author of the blog has made it clear how he wants PR people to submit releases to him.

The practitioner whom he leaves nameless to protect the guilty not only violated his request, but he began to deluge the author with press releases all marked "URGENT." Even worse, the fellow hides his e-mail address, which is against everything we are supposed to do as PR practitioners.

It's people like this who give PR a bad name and unfortunately, we have no way to get rid of them. We are in a First Amendment business: anyone can claim to do what we do for a living.

But it makes me angry to think such bozos are wandering around the business.

If there were only a way to police PR...

I'll count to 10, but for every idiot that pulls a stunt like this, it throws the business back a few steps.

And we wonder why no one likes us...


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