Monday, August 16, 2004

Where Blogging Works 

I don't usually write much about blogging. There is too much speculation already about the medium. However, I recall that some months ago I said blogs could serve for community news that is otherwise not covered. I have said web pages also would serve that purpose and would be of use to PR practitioners who otherwise have few ways to get news out.

This story verifies that others have seen the same opportunity and are exploiting it. The news article calls them "metro blogs," but they don't have to be just that. They can be local blogs for any locale where someone has an interest to record community activities. While the story talks about advertising potential of "metro blogs," it seems to me community blogs have the same potential, although in limited fashion. Why couldn't one strike an ad deal with the local pharmacy, barber and book store?

There is even a more useful approach from a PR perspective, it seems to me. Why not have a large, local business blogging community news for the benefit of the community? Community relations is an important part of plant PR. With a blog, a factory can be a good neighbor by recording what is happening just outside the gates. The company can get its community messages across at the same time.

I'm sure someone must be doing this. If you know of anyone who is, let me know. I would like to contact that person to see how it is working.


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