Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Great Showcase 

First of all, apologies for yesterday's post. I was in no mood at 5:10 am to recreate a posting that Blogger had swallowed whole. I put down the main thought with no explanation and went to work. I should at some point go back and amplify the thought, but it won't be soon. I'm still burning over the way Blogger gets balky. Enough said.

General Electric is putting its money where its mouth is. It has created a showcase as well as wonderful PR for the company's medical technologies. This story details how the company has constructed a digital heart hospital in Tulsa, OK. The key to the story, it seems to me, is that doctors already are making rounds 30% faster than they did before, and the system is just gearing up. As it matures, the hospital will find more ways to save time and money.

Some months ago, I heard the CEO of GE, Jeff Immelt, say his company knows as much or more about health care as anyone because the company is deeply committed to medical technology. He indicated GE was going to do something about the healthcare crisis in the US in order to stop escalating costs. Well, he's doing it.

In fairness to the hospital and to the company, both have made it clear that only special hospitals today can afford GE's solution. It takes money to save money, and regular hospitals don't have cash. But GE is pioneering a way out of the crisis. Give the company credit.


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