Thursday, September 16, 2004

Media Relations - Basics 

It seems like every time we meet a prospect we explain what we do for a living. Media relations are not that difficult, but no one understands why one needs a specialist or even if a company should talk to the media. So we trot out the same explanations over and over and try to give prospects some sense of what it is we do and why. I've grown tired of that, so I wrote this piece that is posted on online-pr.com under white papers and essays. You may use it at no cost other than telling people where you got it from.

Perhaps the simplest way to think about media relations is to think of ourselves as "concept salespersons." We peddle ideas to the media. That is not all we do, but when we are proactive that is exactly what we do. We sell a point of view that we back with facts and testimony from clients and others. Sometimes our cases are strong and self-evident. Sometimes they aren't. It is easier when concepts we sell are wrapped in products or services. It is harder when a concept is just that -- an idea not well tied to anything.

Read the piece and let me know what you think.


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