Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Offline and On 

I wrote the following this morning: "Something is happening to blogger. It is isn't posting well. There is an entry from last night called "Wikis once more" that is present in the log but doesn't appear on the page. Curious. I am going to try to post this to see if the problem is associated with the entry."

I couldn't get it posted or anything else, so I wrote the help line and the company was prompt in response. Here is what they wrote:

Hi there,
We apologize for the problems you have been experiencing with Blogger. We had a simultaneous failure across multiple machines responsible for the publishing of Blog*Spot blogs, but this issue has now been fixed. To prevent this type of outage in the future, we are performing a full system audit to ensure that proper redundancies are in place.
Blogger Support

So that is why you didn't see anything from me. We're back now to a regular publishing cycle, and my hat is off to support for a quick response


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