Sunday, September 26, 2004


What can 11 9-year-olds talk about for nearly 12 hours? I haven't the slightest idea, but I can attest to the fact that they can do it. My daughter had a sleepover for her birthday party and she and her friends talked all night long. I gave out about midnight and got up once about 1:45 am to calm the group down, but they kept talking.

As a working communicator, I find this dedication to chatting and gossiping interesting. There is a compulsion in the human animal to communicate: Silence is not golden. I suspect if I asked my daughter what she talked about, she wouldn't remember that much. (Actually, she is so tired that she isn't recalling anything right now. She will go to bed early tonight.)

I suppose it is not the substance of what everyone talked about so much as the bonding that went with it. These girls are likely to remain friends. They were friendly before the all night slumber party and after hours of chatting, they know each other better than before. Face-to-face communication is still the best form, as any communicator knows.

I went to bed, but I am exhausted. It will take a couple of days for me to recover from being a chaperone. That said, the 11 girls were well-behaved and a pleasure to have in the house. (I'm not sure I would do it again, however.)


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