Wednesday, October 27, 2004


It has been written here that there is less work in PR. This story from the AP is an example of what happened. The graduates of 1999 are still struggling to find a place in society five years later. They knew they were wanted until suddenly, they weren't, and there was nowhere to go. The individual in the article was in PR when she lost her job. After years of struggle, she's back in PR, but she needs years to dig herself out of debt.

It was different when I started. There wasn't much work in journalism, where I wanted to be, and pay was terrible. There was work in PR, and pay was enough to live on. I was out of work when I got my first PR job and thankful for what I was given. I lived alone and in a lower middle class neighborhood at a rent I could afford. It was years before I saw a paycheck that allowed me to think about something else -- like better housing. But I didn't have expectations.

It was a pity society misled so many into thinking they were going to do well from the beginning and rise to riches. What happened in California was a Gold Rush and like the original Gold Rush of 1849, it lasted five years until most went bust. I suspect the class of 1999 has a hard-earned conservatism about money and lifestyle. It was and is much needed and not so bad. How many SUVs do we need on the road anyway?


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