Sunday, October 31, 2004


Scare stories are always good around Halloween but this story is frightening. It is one more reason why companies must guard their reputations online. The idea that one would blackmail a company by sending out child pornography under the company's e-mail address is more than heinous.

What the company did in response to such extortion is the best one can do -- expose it publicly. Tell the world someone is trying to blackmail you and how they are trying to do it. So, if the criminals do send the e-mails, the public will know it didn't come from the company.

Inevitably, there will be upset and outraged customers. To them, the company must apologize and say it is doing everything it can to capture the crooks. The company also needs authorities to acknowledge publicly this is what is happening to offset the damage.

It is chilling to think that criminals will try anything to bring down a company's reputation online. Be warned.


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