Thursday, October 14, 2004

Why monitor 

Some stories beg to be written. This is one.

It seems that BMW, the motorcar company, discovered a certain porno site carried photos of - er - interesting photography sessions that had its autos in the pictures. BMW sent a cease-and-desist notice to the site, which prominently published it on its web page. I'm sure some folks must be sniggering -- and they are not at BMW.

If that isn't reason enough for monitoring the use of your company's product, then try this story happening at the same time. Kellogg, the cereal company, has been giving away electric tooth brushes to young folks to encourage them to brush their teeth. Some one figured out that you can detach the toothbrush handle with the brush and voila!, it becomes a vibrator. Don't ask what it could be used for. I'll leave that to your imagination. And if you have a dirty mind, shame on you.

The point is that you never know what your product or your promotional giveaway can be used for. That's why you monitor the web and blogs every day.


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