Wednesday, November 03, 2004


As a blogger, it is only fair to let you know about the accuracy of my powers of observation. I made two predictions about the election that is still going on at this hour -- both apparently wrong. I had also made a prediction about the World Series -- also wrong. All this goes to prove that in some areas I should give prognostication a rest. Fortunately, I did not burden you with either prediction, but I did tell my friends and family who will mock me as they should.

There were two predictions I made that turn out right, but they are small consolation for a seemingly major error. (It's still not decided yet.) Since I made all predictions in ignorance, I am not so unhappy about the outcome -- 50%. But then, as my friends' said, so did eveyone else.

This election was pure noise in which facts and accuracy did not survive. How the electorate could make a decision through that noise should be a matter of deep study in PR. There are times when truth cannot survive allegations and spin. I say this referring to both sides, because both were indulging in invective that was distressing to witness.

Regrettably, PR is not a useful tool for every occasion. When opponents spend hundreds of millions of dollars to scream at one another, the volume alone does not allow one to think or to make a considered decision. Campaigners have known this for millenia, however, so why am I surprised? I'm not. I'm sad that appealing to base instincts continues to be so effective.


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