Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Crisis PR 

The disaster in Southeast Asia has stimulated brilliant crisis PR. One of the best is a blog, the South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami, that was set up by an Indian student and now has 46 contributors including Constantin Basturea, our own US PR blogger.

The blog has become a clearinghouse for worldwide information on the disaster with reports flooding into it from many countries. The site meter at the time of writing already had 125,044 hits though the disaster occurred on Sunday morning.

Amazon.com switched its opening page to a plea for donations to the Red Cross for disaster relief. It had collected more than $3.2 million through more than 55,000 donations at the time of writing.

BBC News set aside pages for those seeking news of friends and relatives. The pleas are segregated by country and make for harrowing reading.

The internet has been well-established as a source for disaster news, but the scale of the Southeast Asian tsunami has made possible new and innovative uses that PR practitioners will want to study.

Make a donation too, please.


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