Sunday, December 05, 2004

Google Do You Do 

This is an interesting story. It seems that 23% of us have used Google to check up on friends, potential employers, present employers and others. We have written here often that attempting to hide one's past or bad news is silly in the internet age, and this is one more example of why it is so foolhardy.

On the other hand, one should be careful when googling others. I learned that I was a Civil War soldier and there is a statue of me in Iowa. I also found that I was a judge in the Scottsboro case and a member of the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission -- if you change my middle initial. O, I won a Medal of Honor too aboard a Navy ship in 1865.

Yes, I am represented heavily on the internet but I'm not a doctor who also has my middle initial in Ionia, Michigan.


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