Friday, December 10, 2004

Trust, cont. 

There have been reports in the last couple of days about whom people trust. Car salesmen were at the bottom of the ranking. I bring this up because I have just purchased a vehicle for the family. I couldn't face a gauntlet of salesmen hustling me. They have to make a living, but please...

The internet was salvation. I found the vehicle online that I wanted with features I was looking for. I checked the manufacturer's invoice price, the suggested retail price (MSRP), and location of dealers. I wrote the internet salesperson at each dealer and asked for a bid. After two rounds of bidding where each could improve the offer, I selected one and am completing the deal. As a precaution, we did visit each dealership surreptitiously but did not talk to a single salesperson in the process. We also saw the vehicle we are going to buy without a single person bothering us.

It's sad when an institution has such a low reputation that you don't want to work with it, but that's the case with car dealers. I don't plan to buy a car again anytime soon, but I will use the internet when I do. Anything to avoid a pushy salesman.


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