Thursday, December 23, 2004

Winging It 

There is an old medieval saying, "Qui cantat, bis orat." That means, "the one who sings, prays twice." The saying came from monks apparently, but it has universal application.

Music is apart and above other communications because of its universality and meaning. Every communicator should have acquaintance with music of some kind -- the more kinds the better.

Why do I bring this up? Because I am supposed to sing with a choir about two nights from now, and I am not ready. I studied music years ago, and I dabble, but I don't sight read well. I'm like a writer learning the alphabet while writing a novel. It is hard to appreciate music when one is struggling through it and crossing other bassos in a chorus.

I've got one more day to practice, and then I am going to wing it. There isn't much else I can do. But it is humbling for a professional communicator to have trouble because he doesn't know his basics. It is one more thing to add to the list of communications skills I have yet to learn. Maybe, by time I'm 70 I will be the complete communicator. Then, I can retire.


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