Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Future Now 

This story from Wired magazine is an example of new media that PR practitioners will have soon enough. Use of digital projection is well known. (I've seen it twice in two different science museums.), but the use of high-speed data transmission and WiMax to deliver the movie to a remote theater at 24 Mbps is a test bed.

The news is not that it was done but the implications of doing it. As the story points out, one can show a movie at the same time in thousands of theaters throughout the world and reach a larger audience than at any time in movie history. Further, one can use the technology for little movies and documentaries filmed with inexpensive digital cameras. Need an instant documentary? We have one for you.

This should be a great PR tool when developed, but if my bet is accurate, it won't be. Marketers will use it first, or politicians in campaigns, and then, it will filter its way to PR people. I hope I'm wrong, but I haven't been yet when I've predicted that PR will lag.


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