Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What the Hell 

Crises can come from anywhere at any time. Nice words but when they actually come, my first reaction is, "What the hell. How did THAT happen?"

I got a phone call from a client this evening with a story that was amazing. Out of nowhere, a crisis has hit this client at precisely the wrong time. The client didn't see it coming. We didn't. No one we know mentioned the possibility of it happening. But, it's here and it will require legal action in a hurry to prevent serious damage to the client's reputation.

I called my boss, thinking he knew about the crisis and started to tell him about the phone call. He stopped me and asked what I was talking about. He hadn't heard either, although I had thought the client had called him first. When I explained to him what was happening, he had the same reaction, although he is too polite to use a swear word.

This is the second time in less than a year that a crisis has come like a bolt from a cave where lightning is never supposed to be. We'll deal with it because we always do, but it would be nice to have an inkling once in awhile that something like this might hit.


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