Tuesday, February 08, 2005

PR Pros 

There are no better PR pros than generals and admirals when they want to save a weapons program. They'll do just about anything to keep a line item in the budget. That's why the Air Force is now flacking its new stealth fighter, the F/A-22, which is in big trouble. The service did a Super Bowl flyover this week and last month, the Air Force chief of staff flew it over Florida at Mach 2 to show it off to the press and, of course, to Congress.

For decades now, military contractors and the services have mastered the art of spin to save hardware programs. Most of the time they have been successful. They know what turns the head of a Senator and Congressman. They also have learned how to spread the jobs for any piece of hardware to several Congressional districts so they can count on a block of votes.

We can learn a thing or two by watching them work. Still, I would like to see some of these programs cancelled.


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