Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A Change 

I started online-pr.com, the resource site to which this blog belongs, in 1997. It was during a brief period of unemployment, and I wanted to use training materials developed in my previous job to launch a resource site. At the same time, I noticed there was no similar site for PR practitioners that was regularly maintained. I made two decisions. The site would be free to all, and I would take no ads. Since 1997, I have spent hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours maintaining online-pr.com. This is not a complaint, simply a fact.

Recently, Google contacted me and suggested I could use their Ad-Sense program on the site and perhaps, pay for its maintenance. That is appealing, but I told my contact there will never be ads on the home page of online-pr.com. Practitioners like a clean, unfussy page. Google assured me that I could put Ad Sense only where I wanted it to go. So, I told them I would experiment with it.

There is only one place where I am going to try it for the time being -- the section that lists PR job and career links and job hunting tips. It seems to me this is the least objectionable place to start a test. I'd like to know if you think the same.

My objective is not to make a living from ads but to pay for upkeep. I thought you should know so you won't be surprised if you see a change in that section by next Monday.


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